What is Chikankari Work?

The word chikan is most likely derived from the Persian word `chikin’ or `chikeen’ which implies a sort of weaved fabric. This workmanship has its own particular imperial essentialness rising above from Mughal Period to the time of Oudh Nawabs later sprouting as a design driven type of needle art perceived world over today. It is polished just in Lucknow and not recreated world over.

It has 32 stitches on comforts of Chikankari in different outlines done significantly by ladies artisans. Fastens include Tepchi, Bakhiya, Murri, Katai, Phanda, Jaali, Hath Kati, Pechni, Ghas Patti , Keel kangan and so on . No single gathering of artisans ace more than 4 – 5 fastens, thus it needs to move to different gathering of artisans to finish an item. The high fashion society of today has propelled the famous style planners all around, to meld the specialty of Zardozi, Kamdani, Aari with chikan dress to be valued by exceptionally refined aesthetic tastes. This is the main specialty sold after thorough various washes precluding any shrinkage and shading dying.


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