Types of Chikankari Stitches

The patterns and effects created depend on the stitches and the thicknesses of the strings utilized. A portion of the fastens incorporate backstitch, chain line and hemstitch. The outcome is an open work design, jali (trim) or shadow-work. Regularly the embroiderer makes network like segments by utilizing a needle to separate strings in the ground fabric, and after that working around the spaces.

There are 32 stitches in chikankari embroidery.

1) Tepchi
2) Bakhia
3) Phool
4) Zanjeera
5) Katau
6) Rahet
7) Banarsi
8) Phanda
9) Jaali
10) Darz
11) Bijli
12) Ghaas Patti
13) Chana Patti
14) Balda
15) Makra
16) Kauri
17) Hathkati
18) Banjkali
19) Karan
20) Kapkapi
21) Chasm-e-bulbul
22) TajMahal
23) Kangan
24) Dhaniya
25) Rozan
26) Sidhaul
27) Dhaniya Patti
28) Meharki
29) Ulti Bakhia
30) Pechni
31) Murri
32) Keel Kanga.


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