Chikankari Flat stitches with Traditional Names

Taipchi: Running join took a shot at the right half of the fabric. It is sometimes done inside parallel columns to fill petals and leaves in a theme, called ghaspatti. Once in a while taipchi is utilized to make the bel buti everywhere throughout the fabric. This is the least complex chikan line and frequently serves as a premise for further adornment. It takes after jamdani and is viewed as the least expensive and the snappiest line.

Pechni: Taipchi is at some point utilized as a base for working different varieties and pechni is one of them. Here the taipchi is secured by lacing the string over it in a general way to give the impact of something like a lever spring and is constantly done on the right side on the material.

Pashni: Taipchi is attempted to diagram a theme and after that secured with moment vertical glossy silk lines over around two strings and is utilized for fine complete within badla.

Bakhia: It is the most well-known join and is frequently alluded to as shadow work. It is of two sorts:

(A) Ulta Bakhia: The buoys lie on the converse of the fabric underneath the theme. The straightforward muslin gets to be murky and gives a delightful impact of light and shade.

(B) Sidhi Bakhia: Satin join with confusing of individual strings. The buoys of string lie on the surface of the fabric. This is utilized to fill the structures and there is no light or shade impact.


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